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Don't Buy Into the Fear

It feels like fear is running rampant these days, from the political arena creating fear to further its agenda to the global pandemic that doesn't show signs of letting up. When you factor in the more personal things going on in your life that might be activating fear, the energy of possibility and love might feel even more out of reach.

We've been taught that fear is the opposite of love, but I don't believe that to be true. What if it's all love, and we're either experiencing love or lack of love? While lack of love might induce fear, it really means we've just disconnected from the flow of love that is always available.

Don't buy into the fear. Fear has an agenda right now and it's all about division, separation, and chaos. 

Love is unity. It is connection. It is seeing the beauty and what is good, no matter what is going on.

It's easier to buy into the fear. It takes greater effort and discipline to stay in the flow of love, but the results are well worth the energy.

It's all love! Do the work to stay in the flow of love. No matter what. Love like your life depends on it. Love others as if their well-being depends on it. Love yourself through the chaos and let's be the force of energy that turns the tide away from fear and returns us all back to the flow of love.

Are you willing to do the work, the gritty inner work each day to keep you in the flow of love and rejecting the pull of fear? I feel the pull but I'm showing up each day to step into love, and it does take work. But as soon as I remember I've just stepped out of the flow of love, getting back in is easier. Because it's all love. Let's do this together, because love loves a purpose and gains strength in numbers.

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