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Call Back Your Power

I read this quote in one of the cards that I pulled this morning. I thought it particularly aligned with what we've been talking about this week with how we keep ourselves caged by allowing limiting thoughts and tapes to play out in our minds.

Each time we do that we are giving away our power, because our power lies in our ability to act from an infinite space. A space that is the core of who we are.

So what power do you need to call back? Where have you given away your power by denying what is possible in the moment? Where have you allowed others to dictate what is true when deep down you know there is more?

Say this out loud: "I call back my power from all times and places. I am my own."

Then say it again and again until you feel that you are beginning to own who you are. This is part of the practice of living fully. Each day. Each moment. Namaste.

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