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Spring Branches

Meet Ruth

Any good relationship begins with knowing a bit about each other.  So let's get to know each other!

I could start by telling you that I’m a yoga teacher, mindfulness expert, spiritual guide, published author, healthy living addict, entrepreneur; that I owned a yoga studio in NH for 12 years, etc.  But here’s what I’d really like you to know about me - I’m an empath and an introvert.  I feel things deeply, am intuitive, and mostly like to process things on my own.  However, I love deep relationships and the support of honest friendships that I treasure.  I love to write to process my thoughts and emotions.  My daily practices like yoga and meditation sustain me.

While I value living a healthy lifestyle - I eat mostly vegan and whole foods, try to workout every day, get 8 hours of sleep -  you’ll still find me enjoying a glass of red wine, indulging in a piece of dark chocolate, and wanting to eat anything that resembles a pastry.  I need to feel grounded which means having routines to keep me balanced.  And while I love to have things in order (aka perfectionist), I find joy in spontaneity and letting go of my sometimes rigid self-imposed ideals (don’t we all have those?).  In the evening you’ll find me kicking back, relaxing, and chilling with my husband. 

Let’s talk marriage for a moment.  I was married, birthed 2 amazing children, and then after 20 years my husband and I divorced. That was brutal but life changing. It forced me to really find myself and learn how to take a stand for me.  It pushed me to trust in the universe more than ever, and ultimately trust that I could ever be in a safe, loving marriage.  Which led me to the amazing man I now call my husband.  And here’s the crazy thing - this scared of commitment, highly organized person got married at a drive through in Las Vegas! (best decision ever!!)  The challenges are hard but life is sweet.


And that’s important, because I believe that universe is always bringing us love, beauty, and goodness.  It wants us to thrive, and it offers more possibilities and opportunities than we can ever imagine.  Which is why I called this community Inner Sky Living.  I’ve lived into that expansive beauty and knowing, and I keep striving to live more fully into it because that is where we live at our highest, and experience the most joy.  And yes, that's where we find our purpose and help make the world a more compassionate place to live!


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