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Retreats & Gatherings

I strongly believe in the power of community as a source for connection and its ability to quickly raise the vibrational energy of everyone present.  Together we can create greater shifts (personally and collectively), experience quicker transformation, and feel a part of something that is working to create positive change for the whole.  I've created an online gathering space for women, as well as hosting virtual and in-person retreats.  These gatherings and retreats are powerful!


I host a private group for women on Facebook where I share weekly talks and meditations on topics related to healing and reclaiming yourself.  This is a sacred space where we get real, share our stories, and heal together.  It's so important to feel like you're not alone in your healing journey.  I hope you will join us!

Join the online community using the link below!

"Your retreat provided me with thinking, healing, exercise, beauty and the special gift of women togetherness! Thank you so much for that. It was exactly what I needed!"

- Sheila


Traditionally I have held a Fall Retreat where we gather for a long weekend at a beautiful estate in Vermont for some much needed healing, renewal, and connection.  These retreats have been powerful in their ability to create powerful shifts in a short period of time, as they foster beautiful connections, friendships, and possibilities.  Below are some pictures from previous retreats.  Stay tuned for details on future retreats.

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