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A Lesson from My Peanut Butter Jar

I have a peanut butter fettish. It's one of the first things I eat in the morning, along with drinking my green tea. I eat it by the spoonful, because it's my jar and my jar only. And it has to be the right kind of peanut butter. Definitely organic, but it's more about the texture. I like my peanut butter thick, not runny, and there are only a couple brands that meet this criteria.

So I was a bit dismayed when I bought my regular reliable brand recently and it had more oil on top than usual so when I stirred it up the peanut butter was too runny. It lost that delightful thick consistency that becomes almost chewy. 

And guess what? The next jar I bought did the same thing. I was beginning to feel despondent. Until I realized something SO simple that I was missing.

I can drain off the excess oil before I stir it!

Presto!! Back to perfect peanut butter.

I realize that was probably more than you needed to know about my peanut butter habit, but there's an important lesson in there. And that's our power to choose. We don't always have to accept things the way they are presented to us! We have the power to change things. To even change our reality.

How often do we put up with what is? (btw, I hate that line - it is what it is). Because what is can be changed. Either in how we respond or how we tap into our ability to adapt the thing itself.

What have you been presented with lately that you've accepted, even though you don't like it? What would you like to change that you've resigned to being just as it is? What opportunity for change have you been missing because you stopped looking?

Invite in the possibility of change.

Start looking for options.

Ask the universe to guide you, to show you what you've been missing.

Expect to receive answers.

Don't settle for less than what you desire. excuse me while I enjoy my peanut butter 😉

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