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2 Simple Ways to Get Off Auto-Pilot (and live more fully)

The other morning before the meditation class several of us were talking about how each day feels like we're hitting the repeat button. The days tend to look similar and it's pretty much the same thing over and over. Going to the farmer's market which was my big shake-up for the day! 

I'm noticing our tendency to go on auto-pilot. In many ways before COVID and quarantine my life was on auto-pilot, where I felt like I was mindlessly doing the same thing day after day. Now my schedule is different (in so many good ways) but I'm seeing how the tendency to go back on auto-pilot is so strong. And life in that automatic mode is dull, too predictable, lacking the vibrant energy that spurs on creativity and keeps us motivated to live life to its fullest.

After meditating and journaling for a bit I came up with two simple ways to get off auto-pilot and bring in more of the vibrant energy we crave. Of course there are more than two options, but this is what came to the top.

Be More Present

When I take the time to pause and be present in the moment I get off auto-pilot and can tap into my intuition, cosmic knowing, and align myself with that energy for whatever comes next. The result invites in greater possibility and feels expectant - like anything can happen. Which can mean the normal day-to-day things can feel different because we're doing them with a different energy.

Love Yourself More Fiercely

Loving myself fiercely from within helps me to be in the moment. But it also releases any judgement or criticism that might creep into the moment, which means I can enjoy what is more fully. If we can silence the harsh, critical voice that judges the moment then we can find acceptance and grace. That goes beyond being on auto-pilot!

What if we employed these two ways of being over the next few days and see what happens? What else do you do to get yourself off auto-pilot and living more fully?

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