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Online Yoga Classes

"I swear you’re a miracle worker, my hips and lower back have been killing me for months and today I’m pain free after that yoga class with you!" - Liz

What started out for me as another form of exercise quickly became a way of living.  Yoga transformed me.

Sure it transformed my body, but more importantly it transformed my mind, the way I thought.  And as my practice became more spiritual over the years I experienced how everything is connected.  When I mindfully move my body and activate the breath I tap into a deep well of spiritual knowing and insight that continues to amaze me.

This is what I offer through my yoga classes.  If you’re looking for just a good workout, you’ll get it, but I hope you’ll gain more.  These classes are designed to bring movement to every area of your body to create balance.  We begin with an intention that shapes our experience on the mat, bringing in wisdom and guiding you to tap into your own inner knowing.  We create the space of acceptance and self-love, and allow ourselves to be with what is without needing to change it (although change always happens!).


I teach mostly Vinyasa yoga, which is moving your body in alignment with your breath.  I’ve found it to be the most mindful way to practice, and the movement over time becomes almost like a meditative dance.  I also teach Kundalini yoga.  This practice creates the most amazing energy so you might see some of those classes offered as well.I believe that yoga is for every body, and that everyone can take part in this sacred practice.  You don’t need to be flexible, fit, or strong. 


You just need to be willing to show up and know that there’s always a way to modify any part of the practice.  I offer many modifications and alternative poses as I teach, but if you find yourself in need of specific accommodations, please reach out to me.  We can set up a private session where I can work with you specifically to modify (and yes, we can do this virtually!).

"I am enjoying my yoga practice.  It's just what the doctor would have ordered if the doctor had any sense!" - Dina

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