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Meditation Classes

I had an on and off again relationship with meditation.  While it helped me through some really dark times, when things started going well it used to be the practice that slipped and I didn’t make the time for it.  And guess what?  Life got more challenging because I was missing the clearing and connection that meditation offered me.

I believe making time to meditate is just as valuable as any other healthy living practice you can do.  Just like your body needs to move to be healthy, our minds need to focus and reset.

I also believe that there is no right or wrong way to meditate.  That means that three minutes of meditating is just as good as 20.  It also means that the days where you struggle in your meditation practice are just as powerful as the days where you experience bliss.  The point is to practice.

Ruth has definitely helped me understand negative patterns in my life that I am working to shift.  I feel more focused.  I feel like I have a strategy to deal with all of my thoughts/feelings in a more constructive manner." - Nicky 

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