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Spiritual Life Coaching

"I feel healthier and I have my confidence back.  I’m also calmer throughout the day no matter what is going on.  You’ve given me tools for a lifetime." - Marcia

At some point we all become disconnected from who we really are.  You find yourself spinning in the same old stories.  You feel the hurt and pain from what has happened and you can't seem to find your way out of it.  Even worse, you feel like it's your fault, that something is wrong with you, that you're not worthy.  You don't know who you are any more.

My healing story came on the heels of my divorce, and the very real pain and trauma that I experienced not just through the divorce but throughout my marriage.  No matter what your story is, the path to finding healing from the trauma and pain is similar.  It's not something that we're taught, which is why so many struggle to get through on their own.

The good news is that you don't have to struggle on your own.  And there is a clear way through.  In fact, you can find healing and reclaim yourself and your power in just a couple months.  It doesn't need to take years.  That is my expertise, in guiding women through this healing journey so they can become self-empowered and self-fulfilled.  So they can live their most fulfilled lives.

It's time to reclaim your inner knowing and power.  I'm here to assist and bring you back to your own inner self, that part of you that is perfect, whole, and doesn't need to change.  The only things that needs to change is what is covering that true part of you.  You know, the things that you take on that aren't really yours - other people's thoughts and beliefs and ideas of who you should be, past hurts, disappointments, unhealthy expectations, unhealthy ways of living.

If you're interested in learning more, schedule a time with me and let's talk.

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"I loved this course!  I reclaimed parts of me that I was unaware of.  You are genuinely out to support people in finding their Best Self.  Thanks for giving me permission to be me!" - Katie

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